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Marie Coenen

Room 4.113

Tel.: +49 (0) 221-470-3838

PhD project: The problem of § 216 StGB – a proposal for reform of active euthanasia in Germany.

Jonathan Macziola

Room 4.116

Tel.: +49 (0)221-470-76511

PhD project: The legal nature of non-conviction-based confiscation – an analysis with special regards to the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights.

Research interests: confiscation orders (esp. non-conviction-based confiscation), organised crime, white collar crime, (european) criminal procedure law (esp. defendants' rights), legal policy


Laura Midey

Room 4.113

Tel.: +49 (0)221-470-3838

PhD project: Crimes against Humanity as a Peace Time Crime

Research interests: international criminal law, criminal law and politics, critical legal theory


Alexander Oliveri

Raum 4.101

Tel: +49 (0)221- 470-3840

Jan Osten

Room 4.111

Tel.: +49 (0)221-470-3839

PhD project: The admissibility of encrypted communication in criminal proceedings based on the example of EncroChat.

Research interests: encrypted communication & data protection, criminal procedure law, european criminal law (esp. legal assistance), legal policy.



Salka Suhr

Room 4.111

Tel: +49 (0)221- 470-3839



Christine Untch 

Room 4.110

Tel.: +49 (0)221-470-3841

PhD project: Prosecution in smart homes.

Research interests: criminal procedure law (esp. technical investigations, admissibility of (digital) evidence), transnational issues), cybercrime and IT security, digital transformation, german criminal law (esp. fundamentals of criminal justice), european and international criminal (procedure) law, criminal law and politics.

Lena Wasser

Room 4.113

Tel.: +49 (0)221-470-3838

PhD Project: Protecting democracy through criminal law(?)

Research Interests: state security law, constitutional limits of criminal law, comparative criminal law, criminal law and politics, conspiracy 

Max Wrobel

Room 4.105

Tel.: +49 (0) 221-470-76508


PhD project: Reasons and limits of guarantor obligations of the principal to reduce the risk to foreign and international legal interests - At the same time, a contribution to the influence of human rights-related due diligence obligations on the doctrine of economic criminal law.

Research interests: criminal law, including procedural law, international (economic) criminal law, state protection, references to history, globalization and digitalization.